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SPYT SHYNE SPRAY WAX, was developed with ease of product with an unmatched SHYNE and durability.. Can be used on paint chrome matte or satin finish glass acrylic stainless etc also works great on touchscreen devices and sunglasses.. Can be used in direct sunlight and hot surfaces

SPYT SHYNE SYLK, is used for bringing back color to wrinkle finishes with a sheen type of dry finish, it can also be used on all discolored plastic or fiberglass and related surfaces, lasts up to 90 days.  

SS1 METAL POLISH, was designed to work on chrome aluminum copper brass pewter etc but works extremely well on stainless exhaust pipes .. also can be used on minor scuffs and fine surface scratches..

LEATHER/VINYL CREAM, is a custom blended cream that protects and brings back color on seats, bags, boots, vests, without making the surface greasy. Works well on all exotic type materials.